Drip Edge

All Drip Edging is packed in 10-foot lengths and 30 pieces per box, yielding 300 feet per box. In addition, 12-foot pieces can often be run particular order (depending on factory scheduling and coil availability) at the exact pricing per foot.

The Deluxe edging runs from .019” coils and features a bullnose profile for maximum stiffness and “ladder” resistance.
Our competition runs a “.019” drip edge that is nowhere near .019”. So, handle a piece of actual .019 drip edging from Meridian and see what you have been missing.

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The Challenger line of Drip Edge runs from .0175” coil. The CDE1.5 has the bullnose of the DEDLX, and the CDE1.75 does not. We ran this product to price compete with the “thin .019” of our competition. We just can’t run thin metal and call it .019” like brand x. Even our Challenger line is painted with a full coat of paint, not a half coat like our competition.

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